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Feldenkrais Practitioner

Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

From a Physiotherapy background, I became fascinated with the Feldenkrais Method and then with Somatic Experiencing. Both of these innovative systems are built on the understanding that change is always possible, and that for change to happen we need to address the body and mind together.

Lisa Campbell

Bayside Feldenkrais

What Can I Do for You?

For over 30 years I have been helping people recover from pain, trauma and injury. My aim is to help every client move beyond limitations, restrictions and difficulties – towards resilience, potency and enjoyment of life

You may have mild niggly pain, persistent debilitating pain or anything in between.

You may be finding your daily activities at work and home becoming more difficult eg getting up from the floor, gardening, sport, walking, sitting, computer use, even rolling over in bed.

You may have noticed that you’re not feeling back to normal after an accident, illness or injury.

You may have symptoms that have been investigated by doctors with scans and tests but no clear diagnosis.

You may be seeing a psychotherapist who recognises that bodywork could enhance your progress.

Some of the issues I commonly work with:

  • pain that hasn’t responded to traditional therapies
  • pain that is related to certain movements/ activities
  • postural problems
  • movement difficulties
  • improving connection between mind and body
  • sporting performance eg golf, running, swimming
  • physical symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • difficulty sleeping
  •  trauma such as accidents, illness, surgery, injury
  • generalised pain eg fibromyalgia, central sensitisation
  • fatigue eg CFS, CME
  • preparation for travel eg walking, carrying cases, sitting
  • expanding self-awareness, self-image and capabil

The combination of Physiotherapy, Feldenkrais Method and Somatic Experiencing gives me a broad understanding and a range of tools to help with simple and complex problems

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How I Work

Individual Sessions

In our first session we will discuss as much of your story as you want to share and work out together what you would like to improve.

We might take more of a Feldenkrais approach, improving your ease and comfort in movement, focusing on daily activities as well as expanding your understanding of your habitual patterns of movement and behaviour

We might work more through Somatic Experiencing, to resolve the effects of particular traumatic events, or to improve the physical symptoms of stress, anxiety and trauma. 

My priority is to create a safe space to allow you to relax, explore, learn and grow with support and guidance from me. Usually this involves lying down fully clothed on my comfortable treatment table for gentle hands-on treatment. Sometimes  we may work in sitting or standing or other positions. The process is collaborative and I am always guided by your responses. 

At the end of the session we will clarify something new or interesting in the way you feel or move, and I will usually suggest something for you to practice at home, to continue your improvement.

Each session aims to expand and build on what we have already learnt together.

Group Classes - Awareness Through Movement (ATM)

I am currently not running classes. This may change in the future. 

Participants are verbally guided through a planned sequence of movement explorations. You will be encouraged to pay close attention to the sensations of each movement and to practice the movements gently and slowly, ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable throughout.  

Lessons are usually done on a mat on the floor, but may also be done sitting, standing or walking. At the end of the lesson, people report feeling more balanced, comfortable, and able to move more freely. New options are available to change habits of everyday activities such as walking, reaching, rolling over in bed, driving, computer use – everything we do.


Workshops are run several times a year, on a variety of themes.

Topics have included:

  • Walking for Wellbeing
  • Standing Tall
  • Active Living
  • Strong arms/ Soft hands
  • Dynamic Sitting
  • A Leg to Stand On
  • Power and Ease

Contact Lisa to find out about upcoming dates and topics or to request a workshop for your group.

Lisa has also presented to many groups: doctors, physiotherapists, cancer survivors, Arthritis Victoria, as well as at National Feldenkrais conferences. Contact her if you would like her to present to your group about Pain, Trauma, The Feldenkrais Method or Somatic Experiencing.

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14 Holyrood St

Hampton VIC

Contact Lisa

Phone : 0409 598 000

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Most frequent questions and answers

You don’t need a referral. Many of my clients are referred by their GP, pain specialist, physiotherapist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist or other health professional.  And many of my clients find me through word of mouth or  online.

Comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely

One of our aims is to find ways to be comfortable, and usually we are able to stay below your pain threshold. Most clients are surprised that significant improvement can happen with very gentle movements and touch. 

This varies, and depends on how much improvement you are wanting, how long you have had difficulties, how much you already understand about your body, movement and habits. Depending on the type and amount of improvement you are aiming for, a few sessions may be enough. Some people choose to continue with group sessions for years to support their personal practice.

Often, a team approach is best for complex issues . I am happy to liaise with your other therapists if you would like me to. Alternatively, you may want to try this new approach on its own to assess how effective it is for you

Standard fee for 50-60minute session is $130

Rebates are available with health fund extras or a care plan from your GP.

NDIS clients can be seen if they are self-managed

If you are under financial stress, we can negotiate reduced fees.